Monday, 3 December 2012

It's be(.GIF)ing to look a lot like Christmas

This weekend I was due some quiet time at home; thought it would be good to make a seasonal message to send out. I get Christmas emails every year, and know most people hate them. Generic animations perhaps with a daft Christmas jingle in the back.

I saw a few stereoscopic animations recently that I could work off. They show two different camera positions (left and right eye) one after the other, to give the illusion that they are 3D, much like 3D film. I have attached my favorite of these .giff collections to the right.

With that in mind let's play! (If the gifs aren't moving, hover your mouse).
This one I created with one camera, moving to one side and taking the second shot. Too simple, I realised that more background means better depth of field (plus I had more time to kill).

For this shot I used 2 cameras, and 1 wonderful assistant. The trick is to focus both cameras on the same point. I used a flash in this shot too, realised afterwards if I used 2 flashes it wouldn't have to be so precise with the timing. 

The stairs really helped with the 3D illusion, shame one shot was slightly out of focus. I blame this on the poor lighting! 

Just playing, this wasn't 3D. Also pretty naff!

This one wasn't perfect. Wanted to see if it would work in motion. Had to keep changing the focus point, which works (kind-of) until I get half-way down the stairs. At this point the bag fills the screen and spoils the illusion. It was difficult, but I would maybe give this idea another go see if I can crack it.

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