Monday, 20 August 2012

Altab Ali Park: Film & Audio for muf at the Venice Biennale

This month I've been producing film and audio for muf architecture's Venice Biennale installation. The piece is to be displayed in the British pavilion at this year's Biennale, one of the projects that will be held in the city locations.

The film is a showcase of the architectural builds that muf have undertaken in London. The audio production (to be listened to via headphones), is an organised debate between local people about the applications of public spaces. Much like speakers corner, they each took turns to debate their opinions, using their own experiences in local history, religion and community as a basis for discussion.

We recorded the audio from wireless mics and a ZOOM recorder. The shoot also involved using the Canon 400D, and later 5D, as well as some hired help (sound production monitored the audio whilst I captured the video).

I'll put a short cut of the finished production into this years showreel, and I'll paste the link below once it's done.

London Evening Standard: 2012 Venice BiennaleShowreel 2012

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