Thursday, 31 May 2012

Vanilla Galleries - The News

Vanilla Galleries currently are finishing-off 'The News', a project developed from common ideas within the group and progressed in May with an Art Council grant and BBC endorsement. But what exactly was it? I'm still trying to make sense of it myself.

The idea was to explore social media through talking about the news. We would monitor news stories as they came in via various live feeds, and vocalise this news with our own artistic dialect for the same online audiences to consume. Each live art piece and performance was beamed onto the internet for guests to watch with live-streaming technologies. Additional photos and video snips were tweeted, re-tweeted, YouTubed, tmblr-ed and re-tumblred. Altogether the project was a wild abstract mix of artistic expression, banal news, advanced technologies and everyday social media.

Our position as one of first groups to launch '', meant we were testing the water. Being made almost entirely of  raw and uncompromised creativity, I'm not sure the organisers or even the online viewers knew what they had let themselves in for.

Was it a success or not? Well, we now have the confidence to put our ideas forward. Although we aren't experts on the 'business end' of things, our ideas put us ahead and that's often enough. If you get a good idea that you can rationalise without compromise the rest follows on (or at least dawdles behind slowly). Now all we have left to do if is the feedback forms. Eeek!

The News -                
The News on The Space -                
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