Monday, 20 February 2012

Ivan Argote & Pauline Bastard at the Nettie Horn, Vyner Street

'Home Cinema', as installed at the Nettie Horn gallery
Honestly, I've often been underwhelmed by Vyner Street's exhibitions. As a lot of the galleries hire out the space to anyone who asks, it's often a bit hit and miss whether you see anything worth a look. Now on Saturday I discovered an exhibition that definitely changed my mind about the road, at the 'Nettie Horn' gallery.

Pauline Bastard and Ivan Argote put on a show that really appealed to me. It included a stage for watching video art (reminiscent of 'bunk sofa'), so we sat down and had a watch. Massively diverse little video pieces, playing with the medium pushed the right buttons. The best thing, the tone, playful and exciting. Screenshot videos of desktop images, video taken on the underground, on the street, with handheld cameras. Made me want to have a go and join in with the ideas.

The playful nature of the work continued into a second room, where a set-up of a video camera plugged into a projector, pointing at a the projector's bulb created an image of a beautiful sunset. Again, I just wanted to have a go at it myself.

The show actually finished on Sunday, so I was pretty lucky. if you didn't manage to see it for yourself, Pauline Bastard also has a brilliantly put together website where most of her work is displayed.

More details about the show, and the Nettie Horn gallery here...

Pauline Bastard, 'Sunset' 2012

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