Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pilgrimage to St Pauls (prostests)

The other week I went on a long walk for some inspiration, past Finsbury Square and on to St. Pauls. It worked. I got out of the flat, saw both of the occupy protest sites and took a few pictures and jotted down some ideas for new artwork. The two sites contained a theatre for performances, a library, a "Tent University" for lectures - all free to use.

It struck my that the people were camping out trying to be heard, despite not knowing know exactly what they wanted to change. In this way, they were a lot like art. It's an abstract suggestion not a solution. We definitely need to think harder about what's wrong with our current society and how we can start to change it.

Amongst the tents, on the steps of St. Pauls there was also the "Britain's got talent Irish dancer" hoping to make a quick buck. "I do kids parties". I'll let you decide for yourself what his message was.

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