Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Susie Brady 'In Memory of'

 Photography for me is often hit and miss. I think it is because it is everywhere these days, in the newspapers online and whatever. It's a funny thing because the idea of a photograph seems very good,  direct and un-pretentious. But I suppose it's the lack of creativity that comes from most photographs I see that bugs me. I'm not going to explain now because I'm boring. But some photography is different to the rest.

I recently found a copy of Susie Brady's 'In Memory of' photography. As I speak to her (when she's not trawling the streets of Blackpool for inspiration) I knew a bit about the project before it was published. She was interested in taking photographs of roadside memorials, of the home-made variety. Reading through this book, made hairs stand up on the back of my neck; it was so respectfully put together and I defiantly didn't expect that.

I heard that jokes are only funny when there is an element of surprise. I think this is true for inspiration of any kind. I hope Susie has the opportunity to put this project into an exhibition, as I would love to see it.

These is more on the project here  on Susie's blog photography-at-blackpool.blogspot.com

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