Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Some chairs for my coffee table

Ever noticed how there are no chairs for coffee tables? Yes, well so have I. I made some from wood I found in a near-by skip. I think they used to be a bed. First I made a chair, and it was still too high so I cut it in half to make two. If you have seen any other of my furniture design you may notice, I like to paint things black. This is fora number of reasons.

Reason 1 (cool reason): It's my two-fingers at the colour-scheming of the interior design world. "Should it be Osmond red or maybe a Hypotenuse Green" screw it paint it black! I'd like to do this with all my furniture. 

Reason 2 (more truthful reason): I only have one pot of paint, and it's black.


  1. That's cool Dave! Did you make the cushion as well?

  2. I bought the cushions from the pound shop and pinned one of them into a triangle. I need to get out the sewing needles to finish the job.

  3. I see you are turning into Kirsty Alsopp. Home-made Dave! How about a feature on making your own Xmas presents - saving money and having fun!


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