Thursday, 14 July 2011

RCA Show 2011

Last week we visited the RCA's new show, on the very last day. It was great, and I spend a lot of time wondering around taking videos of everything. I wanted to capture it all so I could look back and remember in detail, but I've somehow lost the bloody footage! Listen kids... phones should not be used for professional video, I wouldn't do it. There are the scraps I found deep in my SD card at the bottom of this page.

The RCA Fine art show was split into 3 sections. sculpture, painting and other. I call it other because I can't remember the discipline. 'It was photography, video and printmaking' or something. The Sculpture started out in the workshop area with the pillar drills, and spewed new rave concepts out into the main hall. Highlights included a circle of pants being dunked into a bath of red paint, and a tube-light being batted backward and forwards. The picture above is a fully functional pseudo-frat house, complete with second-floor mezzanine and Facebook access.  No descriptions just the art, nothing to obstruct your experience of the work except for some performance artist shouting naff pseudo-controversial statements.

It was a great show, every work there (despite being void in general from strong political narrative) seemed to be very well excited. Inspiring, and I was the very last person to by a catalogue so I can be inspired again.

Verdict: Good one!

I got the very last exhibition catalogue sale - if you want a look just ask.

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