Monday, 25 July 2011

Making stuff for living

Why does everyone goes to Ikea when they need something for the house? If you know what function you need the thing for, what space you have to work with and what your own tastes are than you have a head start over any mass-produced bit of tat. In addition you get the additional satisfaction of making something with your hands.

I made a few bits for student accommodation when I was back at Uni, picked up a few tricks and now can't leave the furniture making alone. Seen the 'Bunk-sofa' from SPITKLAPP that I made last year?Overlooking the problems we had transporting the monster, it would have been perfect for a house with little floorspace. Just two cheap second-hand sofas an old door and some bits of scaffold. For some reason, no shop had thought of it.

Before that was the 'TV table', built for my Sega Mega-Drive I've used it for exhibitions and casual screenings. It's perfect for watching a casual film over a coffee. I got the table from a charity shop for 6 pounds, cut a hole in the to and placed a piece I found in the painting studios. The TV changes now and then (I can never be bothered to get my own) but because the straps are screwed into place and adjustable, that's not a problem.

We moved into a new flat last week. It's a little bit poky, which means I've had a chance to get out the hammer and emulsion paint again. All of the materials are from our garden. Things like tree branches and roof tiles have been a great source of inspiration. Below are photos of the 'Half Shelves' under the mezzanine stairs, the 'Coat-holder-shoe-rack', and the 'Garden Shed-box'. Because a lot of the materials had been left to rot in the garden, I painted everything with the only thing I had. This black emulsion has been a happy accident, I like the way it makes everthing look like it's been rescued from a fire.

Hopefully this post will inspire some one to have a go at making something for their home. Send pictures if you do.


  1. Because not everyone is secure as you. Perhaps they assume that style is dictated by 'others'. And you do need a modicum of talent and skill. I wouldn't know where to start. Suppose I could knot furniture though!


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