Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Dutch go wild on Queen's Day in Amsterdam

The other weekend, instead of watching the Prince hooking up with Kate Middleton, we took a trip into Amsterdam. Didn't know the Dutch had pre-planned, a go-absolutely-insane-day for their Queen's Birthday.
The Canals were crammed to the limit with misshapen; almost sinking boats, overloaded Tango people getting face melted on Heineken until they can't do anything but urinate off the side. I'm sure that Archimedes would have gone wild for this scene. The goes on over night and through the following 24 hours while trance music and green lasers bounce off the architecture.
See the pictures for yourself, be sure to note the 30ft Queen's head on the palace, and the awesome candy-floss vendor we saw.

I've also uploaded this video of the ride we had about the next day.

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