Sunday, 24 April 2011

Last weekend: London Zine Symposium and 'Save the Male'

A bit of a catch-up from me. A busy week meant I didn't have time to blog about last weekend's Zine Symposium in London. Fantastically quirky, absolutely kooky, awesomely interesting, and also extraordinarily hot. I joined Nick and Greg for the weekend, but was a little late to the doo because of some very important cake making. Anyway, Zeene did pretty good coverage on their blog so if you want to read about the symposium check OREADON.COM/ZEENE/2011/04/LONDON-ZINE-SYMPOSIUM-2011-2

The day before the symposium, I took a walk with Alex to 'Speakers Corner' in Hyde Park. If you've not been I suggest you take a stroll down there one Sunday afternoon. We saw this guy with a 'SAVE THE MALE' banner talking about discrimination against men.  One of his points were that most soldiers who fight in wars are male, and more women should be subscribed to fight. He also coined the phrase 'femmonazi', which I'd never heard before. Apparently it wasn't a joke, and me and Alex were the only ones who thought he was having a laugh. See what you think yourselves?

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