Sunday, 3 April 2011

David Lynch. Great director, but webcaster and philosopher?

His films are compelling. Although sometimes nonsensical, obscurity is fuel to interest. I watched Mulholland Drive the other day, the mystery left me thinking for days after. I'm glad he featured as number one IMDb's top director, in 100 greatest list. Well-deserved.

If you know much about the guy, it's hard not to to get fanatical about his work. There's few other ways of putting it, 'he is inspiration'. He's a Writer, Director, Actor, Editor, Composer, Songwriter and now part time Philosopher. If you not sold yet, he's also go a wicked hair-style has banter with Werner Herzog. See this link here for David Lynch's provocation towards Werner saving the life of Joaquin Phoenix,

...But anyway, this is besides what I wanted to talk about. It's Lynch's Videocasts that have inspired me the most. Short messages about things that matter. Topics like the creative mind, product placement and the iPhone. Wonderfully sharp and poignant. I've whacked some of my favorites below.

For more videos see

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