Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pioneers of the Downtown Scene

The other weekend I was down in London and saw an exhibition at the Barbican. It featured the work of artists who created work in the downtown end of New York, through the 60s and up to present day. There was some really great performances going on throughout the show, which you can see in the catalog. For example, performers actually walked around the circumference of the room while people were looking at the artwork. But the best pieces,were much more subtle and didn't demand the same attention. I'm a little embarrassed I can't remember the name - if anyone reads this could you kindly let me know.

There was a table with speakers built in under the surface. To hear the music, you had to put your elbows on the table and hands over your ears, you could then hear the music. It would have been great in SPITKLAPP.

The very best piece was a miniature sculpture of a figure sitting down, with a video projection directly on it. The video depicted a woman telling a story about her time at a physiologist. Because of the contours of the sculpture, the projected video made her look just like a miniature person. I created an idea for a piece of work, inspired by this and attached the sketch to this post to give you an idea of what it was.

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