Friday, 28 January 2011

'TV ruined my life', ruined my evening.

The other night, Charlie Brooker did a show on how TV has conditioned us to think certain ways. Sounded right up my street, so I gave it a watch...

It wasn't really that bad, but I was hoping for a little more punch, conviction and/or theory. All of his comments were a bit wet; his ideas were backed up with little fictional sketches. I preferred Screenwipe, when he looked at reality TV ('Screenwipe - Reality TV Editing') when he used real people to explain how the media works, setting up a kind of experiment. It was more believable for me.

'TV ruined my life' episode 1 'fear' had good reviews in the Guardian, but then again the guy does write for them. If you haven't already seen it already you should watch it. You probably won't learn anything new, but it is interesting and funny. I'm looking forward to seeing if the next episode is better - maybe he'll try harder next time and remember we're not all brain-dead chimps yet.
Oh yeah and that '10 O'clock live' looks promising!

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