Tuesday, 11 January 2011


First post of the 2011, I wanted to put down a bit of a manifesto for this year.

Many people voted that last year was the worst year of their lives. Of course there was the BP oil spill, worst year for car sales, high rate of unemployment, the housing market flopped again and apart from the pretty flags and the vuvuzelas the world cup was rubbish.

In my case, 2010 was a year for talk; this year is going to be a time for action! I'm going to make sure that I start doing a lot more instead of joining in with the apathetic majority. After all life's too short and all that
Before you mention it, I know this blog is all talk. It's supposed to be ironic mate.

...and another thing, about that BP. I remember seeing a rouge traders about a company that had illegally used the word 'British' to make themselves sound reliable. Not that I'm at all nationalist, but surely they should be stripped of their 'B'. I think I'll go out and take action to have it removed, starting at my local garage!

The "Thank You BP! Oil Spill Cake" from Breaux Mart Supermarket in New Orleans

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you do this year Dave!


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