Sunday, 23 January 2011

Future Chapels

The next exhibition I do with Vanilla Galleries, part of 'Old Church Slovanic', is themed around abstract words like ‘enlightenment’ and ‘God’. The room will symbolise a Chapel for the new era, suggesting thier relevance today.  The meaning of such terms for a lot of people (particularly those of orthodox religion), may appear to be forgotten. I want to prove that they are still out there, but they just look a little different.

I imagine that going to Church and talking to God for most people seems a little disconnected/irrelevant to contemporary life. I don't consign myself to religion, because it doesn't represent me well. But then I don't like out right saying "there is no God" is because I don't really know what the word 'God' means.

Regardless of whether they are religious or not, people need ideologies, a sense of purpose and faith when they don’t understand. In apathetic western society we don’t use these words to describe things that are most important to us. Instead of ‘purpose’ we say ‘Playstation’, instead of ‘parable’ we say ‘tabloid’, and instead of ‘God’ we say ‘celebrity’.

The context of language is changing and with it the appropriation of its meaning. As ridiculous as it sounds as hours of purpose maybe even found in the feeling you get from completing a level of a computer game. If we are going to develop efficiently as a society we need to heighten our awareness of this change.

Like the most common religions, non-religious societies still have their idols to represent good and bad. Like the bible, stories of Cheryl Cole in the tabloids, Hollywood movies about space and even casual blogs all inform us of how to lead a good life regardless of whether they are fact or fiction. Moses has been given new clothes, some converse pumps and a Caramel Macchiato to go. So lets just forget about the pensioner with a fluffy white beard sitting on a cloud. I don't think he represents us well anymore.

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  1. I speak as someone who does believe in God and have a faith so think that this sounds interesting. Anything that moves us away from the false idols in our midst and gets people thinking is a good thing. 'He (or she) who believes in nothing believes in everything' - is that true?


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