Sunday, 28 November 2010

Guys check you bits because I've got a mustache.

I have had a profile on Movember for a while now, and no one has seen it - Maybe this is because I didn't tell anyone. The concept seems a little strange, baised on the premise that if I can grow hair under my nose, prostate cancer charities will benefit, men will check themselves for lumps more frequently, and the whole subject will become less of a taboo. But the fact that I'm writing this blog proves the pudding.

As the end of Novemeber approaches I've failed to raise any actual cash for prostate cancer, but I would like to think that I've generated awareness. My mustache (by the way) was not intended to be a Movember project and I will be keeping it well into the new year, but with all the "Mo Bros" kicking about town I've been talking a lot about prostate cancer. I think this makes the point, sort of like "check yourself today and don't be afraid to talk about it! Like the mustache it shouldn't be a white elephant". It defiantly works better than simply asking for money. More charities should think about this. I might get struck down for saying this, but we're all sick of people hanging around the town center with clipboards, asking for £2 a week. ENGAGE ME, NOT MY MONEY!

PS If you want to donate to my Movember space, please do. It will go directly towards the cause which is a very good one.

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  1. This is a good idea to bring into the open health topics that remain taboo. Well done - and I've learned to love the moustache


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