Friday, 3 September 2010

Projectors Will Rule the World

Last night I had a go at projecting onto something big... Catherine and Stuart's house (thank you for the lend). I just played around with a few Google images, positioning them around different parts of the building. But if there is a wireless connection that reaches far enough, why not try Facebook or even Skype? Maybe that's a project for next week.
Imagine. The year  is 2050. You get a call from someone and press "projector" on the keypad. At that moment your caller appears in front of you, hundreds of feet tall on the side of a building.... what?! It's possible!
There are artists who do this kind of thing on the sly already, very Guerrilla. I read about one artist drives around with a projector strapped to his car, projecting onto huge buildings before driving away without anyone knowing. Another projects a live image of his genitalia onto public buildings (I'm not kidding, take a look for yourself!)
So far as I know doing this kind of thing is not illegal unless you are offending anyone. In that case someone might tell you to switch it off, but you aren't going to get locked up. So why not try it yourself on a public building, or a neighbor's house? It's less risky than aerosol graffiti and cooler too.

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