Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Imagine no moustaches, it's easy if you try!

It's no secret, I have a qualified mustache! Call it my latest artistic project. Some say it looks "kind of American"*1 (in a YMCA/trailer trash sort of way), others question its magical powers and when the hair grows in between I look like David Brent. 
 *1 Quoted from Gino Attwood, conversation in Piero's, Leicester, 25 August 2010

There are a lot of associations about men with mustaches, and I think a lot of people have a problem with them. I personally don't mind them, which is why I decided to get one. After all, if your not part of the problem then your part of the solution - and I don't want mustaches to be solved!
So I guess it is mildly provocative. I admit it's not like the Sex Pistols or 90s TV show 'The Word', but in a time of apathy like today it seems the subtitle decisions that stand out. For example when a celebrity get's married, it's more important than an earthquake or even war.

Enough of the theoretical chit-chat, time for some hard statistics! The worlds longest mustache was 12.5 feet long, and this facial feature also contained a pair of mutton chops. The World Beard & Moustache Championships takes place every year, and includes some curious designs. I don't need to go through the countless famous mustaches for you, but it does include arguably the cleverest man who has ever lived. 

This is mine (above). It's still fairly short, but I have big plans. Maybe if I can find out more info I'll be set for the next championships. Why not? I've got nothing better to do. I have made up an artist's impression of my options (below). I'd be interested to know if anyone has any other ideas.


  1. i like this post and i like it how it is. although isn't it spelt moustache??
    i will look at that barbers in alba on friday and get some other options cos those three don't do it for me. you didn't mention the blogger admiring it

  2. Well spotted Alex.

    I'm not sure. The dictionary has both spellings. According to one site, a mustache is the early stages and then once waxed and groomed, it becomes a gentleman's moustache.

    Have a look... movember mustache growing team

  3. you're my hero.

    as Greg said, option 1 is like Hulk Hogan, which would be awesome. But as an general fan of facial hair, I am excited to see which direction you choose to take.

    Have a look at this guy, http://www.dyers.org/blog/beards/beard-types/ he has been given a gift.

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