Friday, 27 August 2010

Crazy 'Visions of the Future'

Well you might know this already, but there is a series on BBC called 'Visions of the Future'. If you haven't seen it take a look on iPlayer. The last episode 'The Quantum Revolution' presented by Michio Kaku properly blew my mind! Michio talked about developing technologies and researches most of which are pretty unbelievable. But he's a pretty honest looking guy. I trust him. I'm sure in the 60s everyone was like Dr. Kaku. We need to look after our crazy scientists, (and come to think of it I am looking for a job). Here are a few of the things mentioned on the show, I haven't just made them up, I promise...

Carbon Nanotubes 
A fiber thinner than a strand on hair so strong it would replace steel on bridges. The only trouble is they can't build strands big enough, yet. Simple really and not too far fetched.

Apparently not actual teleportation, but a laser that can recreate things at any distance. Only the properties are "teleported" from one atom to another but without using any physical link. Someone has already teleported atoms 600 meters. They say that it could be used on humans, however the person at the other end would not be the same atoms, just an exact copy physically (queue tubular bells).

The Partial Replicator
  And how about a machine that can build absolutely anything. If your geeky enough to know, it's the Star Trek "replicator" machine that looks like a zooped-up coffee machine. I know there are already 3D printers about in the design industry, used for prototyping products. But they don't have a functional capacity. How about a machine that builds things out of individual atoms, making it possible to build literally anything! Although the time it might take to 'print' wouldn't compete with any desktop printer for a long time. Can you imagine, in the future instead of downloading rip off movies, people will be downloading bootlegged IKEA tables or iphones.

...all this and a space-elevator; unsmashable cars, an unlimited energy source, microscopic robots able to administer drugs (and later perhaps take over the world) and flying transport. OK Michio, we've already got that here on earth.

They all seem pretty far fetched, but according to the good doctor each one of the technologies are already in development. I'm going to lie down now I feel a little sick.

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