Friday, 16 July 2010

The New Décor and Ernesto Neto

Last weekend, me and Alex visited a few exhibitions in London, and now she is living and working down there we get to do this more often.

After doing a bit of research on Time Out, London we discovered that there was an alternative interior design exhibition at the Hayward. At Vanilla Galleries we've been talking about putting on our own furniture exhibition, to invite artists and creative purists (who don't care much for function) to have a go at making interesting furniture. I like to dabble in a little interior design myself, for example the TV table in our currently living room crudely crafted from an 70s coffee table and my flatmates old bedroom telly. So when I heard of 'The New Décor' exhibition, I added it to the top of the itinerary.

My 'TV Table', Dave Briggs 2009

OH MY GOSH! THIS IS OUR SHOW! The Hayward had got there first. It was exactly what I envisaged form the Vanilla Galleries exhibition, only the Hayward had the likes of Elmgreen & Dragset, Jim Lambie and Sarah Lucas, not to mention the 33 other superstar creatives that had had a bash at interior design. My feelings were a weird mixture of disappointment that our idea was no longer original, and amazement at how good the exhibition actually was.

Definitely recommended, one of the best shows I've seen this year. My favorite piece was a floating table that was hovering on a jet of air being blown from a hole in the ground, only anchored by some white string tied to the legs. There was also a windy bed where the mattress looked like it was elegantly tied into knots, and a chair that had a rotating fourth leg that only aligned with the chair once every 50 seconds.

Upstairs to this exhibition, there was a very complimentary Ernesto Neto show. He had transformed the gallery into a weird mesh of satin rooms and tunnels. It reminded me of the kids indoor adventure worlds we used to go to. Except this one had a swimming pool outside (if you visit make sure you take your swimming costume, or you'll miss out like me). Take a look at this VIDEO of the set up and see for yourself.

"Carma" (Bed), Los Carpinteros 2006, as presented in 'The New Décor' 
Ernesto Neto: The Edges of the World, The Hayward 2010

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