Wednesday, 14 July 2010

LUSTFAUST, unreal!

If you don't know, Lustfaust are not a band created by Jamie Shovlin from media hype, forged photographs and fictional fan media. You can find plenty of information about them if you care to look but still they don't actually exist. I like the idea so much because it explores media interpretation, hype, image, style and other social related things that we are so often affected by... so when I first found that some version of Lustfaust actually perform on stage, I felt a little deflated.

Last Friday at the Fishmarket in Northampton, Lustfaust played at the premiere of Jamie Shovlin's HIKER MEAT. Maybe it wasn't the original Lustfaust but definitely some real people. Knowing all about Lustfaust and their conception I went to hear (and see) what they had to offer. I got to meet some of the band, and had a chat with a couple of the group - but after some bad organisation, had to get my train before they played.

I heard the performance was awesome, but to me Lusfaust is still a rumor. It's a testimony to Jamie Shovlin when I feel like one of the band's biggest fans and I haven't even seen them play (or even listened to very much of the recorded music). Too add to the point, my girlfriend Alex has a very rare edition of Lustfaust Shoes!

Nick and Greg have put a review of the show on ZEENE blog.


  1. nice shoes. you should review the exhibitions we saw too. not sure about that yellow, can't see it x

  2. I will do honey, just didn't want to cram it all in. xxx


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