Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Microsoft Word Art and "style"

I thought of blogging a few things today, but after drafting them out decided they were too dull to share.

Here is one of my latest paintings at the Vanilla Galleries, "Bang/Tidy" Exhibition in March. The chairs were an extra addition, and unfortunately had to be left at the venue.

 "Haircuts While You Wait" 2010, oil and acrylic on canvas

I will be doing a series of 'Word Art' oil paintings in the next few months, based on specific words. Perhaps popular Google keywords or symbolic business words, like "innovation". There are a lot of different templates to paint, and it's good having a machine to design your painting for you.

I also like the way the imagery contradicts the process. Oil painting is traditionally a sign of quality, luxury, and class; the opposite of Microsoft Word Art, representing banality, poor taste and dependance. Its the uncreative teachers back at school and the standarrd templates that can be found in millions of duplicated work documents (this blog included). Did you just say "let's see some more please Dave". Thought so.

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