Monday, 3 May 2010

My New Wiki-lifestyle

Currently reading...
'Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything'
This book has made me realise how important it is to be fully connected (and also how damaging it is not to use the net to its full capacity). READ IT!

I am now
officially a fan of sharing intellectual property (IP) and vow to become more open to the karma of sharing ideas with the whole world. The future is full of participation, collaboration, and free media. The best ideas are not for sale anymore, they are shared. Free phone calls from Skype, free knowledge from Wikipedia, free music and film (although industry fights it), even gives me its services for free.

So if everything is free why will we ever need to work? Isn't this communism? (I've got a blog in the pipeline about that). Well no it's not quite that way. These businesses still make the money of course, after the success has been made. Take a look at my top three for an explanation. A little more humble than the big-shots at the top but more inspiring to me...

My top 3 Wiki-success stories...

"it's nice that" - started just as a casual blog for promoting nice creative things by two guys after finishing Uni. Now they have a brilliant publication and have just had an exhibition at Paul Smith HQ in London.

the "YCN" opportunities page - YCN like many others, publish creative opportunities onto their website. Granted, most of them are in London, but I'm sure you can find one local to you (here in the east midlands there is Design Factory, Find your talent and The Mighty Creatives)

Ricky Gervais' podcast - although you can no longer get the full shows for free, it started that way. Now it's bigger than sliced bread. It is the business model of this century is to give something away for nothing, then once you have your cult following... make some money!

My new wiki-lifestyle...
How can I apply this to my life? I don't know, but
this blog is a start. It's clear from emerging enterprises that it's crucial to take full advantage of the internet, those who don't have a huge disadvantage. Why am I not making friends globally and why am I not participating with the rest of the world? As of today, the world is my new next-door neighbor and I'm going over for tea and biscuits.


  1. Exactly! And this is the same message as Daniel Pink's book. Avoid trying to emulate others. I could kick myself when I think of the ideas I had and did nothing about. Not that it's too late...

  2. ...collaborate/share them too too! Even a very creative person can only have so many good ideas. The internet allows billions of people to think together a wide variety of issues.

    Why can't we have a Wiki-government? I'd vote for that!


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