Thursday, 21 January 2010

Covered in Vanilla and the Curse of the .ppt

Just to say... Vanilla work and opportunities are dazzling at the minute. I hope they all come to something. Just in the last few days we've been made contact regarding 2 exhibitions this year, as well as good amounts of evening workshops and workshops in schools. It's meant I've had to put my own practice on hold this week while I administrate, but it will won't be in vain.

Watch this space.

Oh yeah, actually one more thing. I did have a terrible experience yesterday, which progressively gets worse the more time goes by. I was asked to talk about Vanilla Galleries and how it came about, mainly how I started it (ego trip!). The night before I put together a powerpoint presentation as sort of a que for myself- mainly with pictures of events. When it came to the talk the powerpoint put the students to sleep and the prove there disinterest there were no questions. Considering what we've done at Vanilla, this is pretty astonishing. Conclusion: don't use powerpoint - engage your audience, even if your pretension should speak for itself. I should have known better!

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