Sunday, 31 January 2010

ebay... because you can only take with you what you give away (for a small price)

I know this blog might be a little off it's original purpose (turning me into a good artist) but it's helping me somehow. Besides, isn't it honest to talk about the day-to-day?

So here's today, finally deciding to get rid of some old gear that lost its purpose. The first lot of stuff is some old band kit I used to use before I moved to Loughborough. Quite a lot of expensive equipment I know, I hang on to them thinking they might some how resurrect themselves. Face it, I need to invest what capital I have in my future. It's not right that these 'valuable' things lie dormant. It's trading in old memories for new ones.

So here's to the future! Maybe it will pay for the keys to the next opportunity.

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