Monday, 14 December 2009

I'm going to Google

I've recently had an ongoing discussion of the system language and definition which is regrettably becoming a little tiresome, alienating me from my friends. I've looked at different ways to conclude this discussion and can't wait to get it out of my system. I'm also aware that by blogging this I'm going to look very cliche, like the classic teenage myspacer - please take this with a pinch of salt.

One aspect of this discussion included the meaning of 'God'.
For a long time I have considered
myself as an atheist (believing God does not exist)... but maybe I have just misinterpreted what God is. It strikes me that the people who seem to have the best idea of what God is, are the ones who don't believe. Most people I ask who do believe think God is not a guy on a cloud making decisions, although depictions of God and the way some people speak of 'him' suggest otherwise. Maybe people have experienced whatever it is in the same way I have, but I just use another word.

I thought about my most relevant beliefs... I believe that our brains aren't capable of understanding everything yet. We might come to evolve and understand the whole world some day but not right now. Maybe this idea is what people call God? The idea that things we can't explain take place and we can't explain. I suppose the only way to conclude this is to find out what most people think God is, in-discriminate of their background. Therefore I'm going to Google 'God'.

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  1. I too believe are brains are capable of so much more, maybe we'll develop telepathy or something like that, who knows! As for God i believe that God is everything, the Earth on which we live, the air, interaction with people, life basically. I too think some people think of God mortally which is wrong. Many, in my experience only talk about God or the lack there of when catastophic events take place. Earthquakes, hurricanes etc. where was God when......happened? Never do you hear, Where was God when i was enjoying a great holiday? This i find quite annoying. Almost pointing a finger of blame at an entity in which they don't believe, hypocritical! Don't know where i'm going with this but good luck with the search mate!


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